Pricing Guide Copyright 2010 JNKWebDesignz Custom Website Development Every website completed by JNKWebDesignz is unique and tailored to the clients needs. We can take care of your complete website from registering the domain name to creating your designs, from hosting your website to setting up your email accounts. Already have a website up and running? We can spruce it up for you, optimize and maintain, recreate from scratch, or whatever else you desire. Or if you currently own a domain name with no website yet, we can get you setup with a custom design. Maybe you have a website, but your webmaster will not give you control over the content, we can help with that also. What if you just want the website created so you can place it on your own server? No problem, we will run through our 5 Step Design Process and turn the files over to you, or upload them to your server. Every website is different, each client has unique needs and visions, so pricing can vary greatly. We start our pricing at $99.00 for a basic informational website. Additional services, domain names, hosting services, email accounts, editing abilities all incur added cost. We will consult with you to build the absolute best website we can at the most affordable price. What we can provide: Specialize in HTML, PHP, CSS, MYSQL, Flash Hosting to keep your website completely in-house Setup of email accounts Search engine submissions E-Commerce is available Photo Galleries, Calendars Forums and Bulletin Boards Web-based editing software for the client Database development Security Certificates More services are available, please contact us for a free consultation.